Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In Pursuit of the 36 Hour Day

Because 24 hours just doesn't seem sufficient anymore.

Questions to dive in and hammer out into solutions by the end of the month are:

Kaleidoscope Bestiary?
Love Letter Scans?
Photo-Realistic Tree Women Drawings?
Zipper People Paintings?

and last but certainly not least...

Satirical Infographics?

Goal number one, complete 8-10 pieces a month (totally, ridiculously doable...)
There I said it. 8-10 pieces a month. Hold me to it, invisible audience!


  1. how are you doing on your 8 to 10 pieces a month??? personally, i dare not set any goals for another week or so... ginger is totally in charge of my time, and seems to know when my fingers touch the computer keyboard. before school starts for me, i need more hours in the day as well! and a wife. yes, i need a wife. a traditional 1950s (but i'll take the white wine and speed, thanks) wife to handle ginger and all the laundry she creates. and the dishes that i create.

  2. oh Jen, I'm wincing a little. They don't have to be big pieces, just completed things in general. So far total is at two, Kaleidoscope Bestiary, I'll continue with that until the end of the month.

    I can imagine Ginger is demanding! It's a shame that we don't live in Germany, where the state actually ASSIGNS you a wife to take care of all the dishes and cooking and washing. Have you seen the Svankmajer movie, Little Otik? Maybe Ross could fashion you a wife from clay and vintage aprons, then you could electrify her to life? If nothing else it would make a nice short story and a wonderful daydream....

  3. omg: little otik! inspired housewife! of course, she might cook and clean us to death, but it would be a lovely way to go.

    keep up the good work! and keep on posting. it's great to keep up w/ your creative (and physical/healt) life.